Quick Curling Christmas Bonspiel

At Dewars Centre on Sunday 17th December 2023 12.00 noon onwards

🎄🎄Two games with mince pie and mulled wine in between games.  
Hot buffet afterwards. Cost £25 per player.🎄🎄

For more information or to enter a Team, please contact:  Dewars Centre 01738 454700
Entries to be in by 1st December 2023 and should be forwarded to Ann-Maree Davidson – AnnMareeDavidson@liveactive.co.uk


Games will be 55 minutes. (Everyone plays 2 games)

Clock will count down on mobile device/ rink bell. 

Six shots per team, two stones per player each end.  

Once time clock strikes 0 no more stones will be delivered, and stones in a scoring position will count. 

Rotate positions after every end – Lead, Middle and Skip (Skip moves to lead, other positions move up a position). 

Maximum of two points scored per end. Except the final end when the clock runs out and there is no maximum score.

Players continue to use the stones they started the game with

Only one person can sweep. 

No sweeping stones behind the tee line. 

No sweeping during oppositions turn 

No stones can be removed from play until the middle players first stone.