Perth Ladies Branch

Perth Ladies Branch is the group that represents all women curlers who play at Perth Ice Rink
The branch committee consists of a President, vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. All are members of local curling clubs as well as the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. Perth Ladies Branch organises and encourages participation in women’s competitions and leagues at Perth. 

All women curlers who play at Perth Ice rink are encouraged to engage with Ladies Branch and are most welcome to attend meetings and events. The Annual General Meeting is held in May and it is an opportunity to socialise, celebrate success of local curlers and plan ahead for the next season.

Our local competitions include:
Women’s Opening Bonspiel (evening competition – individual entry)
The Valentine Salver (evening competition – team of 4 female members of the same club)
The Perth Women’s Open (one day event:  team and individual entries0
The Norrie Miller knockout (day time:  team and individual entries) 
The Love Trophy league competition (day time : team and individual entries)
The Tayside Ladies league (day time – individual entries) 

These competitions are advertised by Perth Ice rink to local club secretaries, as well as to individuals who have provided their details to Perth Ladies Branch. Entries welcome from all women curlers.

The President of Perth Ladies Branch represents Perth at the RCCC Ladies Standing Committee. The Scottish Curling website states:

The remit of the Ladies’ Branch is to: foster and encourage the game of curling for women in Scotland, promote friendship among women curlers worldwide, deal with matters concerning women’s curling as remitted by the Board of Scottish Curling and act as an effective two way communication channel between women curlers at local and national level.
The LSC consists of a Ladies’ Branch President, Vice President, Junior Vice President, Treasurer and a representative from each ice centre (currently 18).  Through our committee we provide representatives to the various working committees of Scottish Curling.  We gain and give knowledge and opinions, which in turn helps support the work of Scottish Curling.  At our monthly meetings the business of the LSC and Scottish Curling is discussed and in turn fed back through our representatives to the ice centres for distribution to curlers.  The LSC is also responsible for the management of incoming and outgoing ladies’ tours.

Contact Perth Ladies Branch by email at or leave a message at the Perth Ice Rink Office and one of the committee members will get in touch.