Perth Curling Development Group

The PCDG was formed in February 2022 with the main purpose of assisting the development of Curling in Perth. The group comprises volunteer curlers from Perth working together with Live Active, Scottish Curling and the Ice Rink Committee to focus on growing the sport at Dewar’s Rinks Perth. Our specific remit is to: 

  • increase the level of participation in curling at Perth Dewar’s Centre
  • increase the level of membership and activity at Perth Dewar’s Centre
  • enhance the status and standing of Perth Dewar’s Centre.

The chair of the Group is Alay Milne, the secretary is Stewart Riddick and treasurer is George Delgaty.

To help achieve this the the Group will be looking to build on the ideas put forward at the Development Forum that was held at the Ice Rink in late 2021. 

But we also want to hear from the wider curling community, so if you have any ideas that you think we should be looking at that will help in our aims, from promoting Curling development, improving communications and getting new members for clubs etc. then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at