1.  Inform the curling department within one month of receipt of your ice allocation/fixtures/bookings if there is a problem. Once the season commences ice maybe re-arranged but cannot be cancelled.

2.  Dewars reserves the right, if clubs return a high number of weekend sessions, to take back a corresponding number of 6pm and 8.30pm sessions.

3.  Cancellation of a game will only be permitted under extenuating circumstances and, when the team requesting the cancellation has offered their opposition an alternative date which has been agreed by both teams. Any Ice offered for game rearrangements will only be reserved for a period of 72 hours. If confirmation of a new date is not received by the Office in this time, then the reserved Ice will be re -allocated. If you must cancel a game you must give 72 hours’ notice to the curling department and your opposition, if the notice is not given even if you are re-arranging the game, then the ice must be paid for.

4.  In the event of a default the non-defaulting team will be awarded 2 points and 6 shots and the defaulting team will lose 6 shots and will be liable for the whole ice fees.

5.  All ice must be paid for before the start of each game. Games are paid for at the main reception desk or you can also pay online. Failure to turn up for ice that is booked must be paid in full.

6.  In all leagues entered all games must be fulfilled. At the end of the season any games outstanding will result in a default being issued. This condition will be strongly implemented.