The easiest way to start curling at Perth is find out when the next Try Curling session is being held – the website is These are short taster sessions which allow you to have a go on the ice and deliver a stone – and sweep it too! Alternatively you can contact the Perth office directly on 

Curling is a fun game played on ice by all ages. Players use both physical and mental skills and play as part of a team as four, using granite curling stones. Whilst the stones are heavy, they are not lifted by the players at any time! The players deliver alternate stones on a rink, sweep them up the ice, aiming to get their stones as close to the centre of the house as possible. (The house is the painted circles on the ice.) 

If you can’t attend Try Curling, our Development Officer can arange private lessons, or introduce you to the Beginners Courses that are offered at Perth. From the Beginners’ course, you can join the Virtual Club.  From then, you will become introduced to the Clubs that play at Perth and can join a club and become involved in Club games (mostly recreational) and club leagues (competitive).

For your first session on the ice, bring yourself and wear comfortable (but warm) clothes. Comfortable clothes should have a bit of stretch in the trousers, as leg stretching movements are involved. Wear several layers on your top half, ending with a cosy fleece or jumper, this, together with hat and gloves will give you flexibility to stay warm at all times. Clean training shoes are all you need as a ‘sliding’ sole will be provided. A curling brush is used for sweeping and these are available to use free of charge at Perth Ice Rink.